I can’t stop watching. An angel sent this to me from heaven. @mariahcarey

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watch naomi change the world for the better.

By encouraging diversity, equality, and general acceptance of one another.

because we are all so different.

we can help create a little civility and peace.

it’s not all black and white

we live in one big grey area.

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if all you do is complain & be anti-whatever is popular at the moment you’re annoying & really need to like Grow Up 

me tho



João Pimienta Fall 2014 

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**doesn’t know you but still talks relevant shit**


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Don’t you dare, for one minute,
believe that my kindness makes me
anything but insurmountable.
I did not unzip my chest to every kind of hurt,
and stagger back, wounded and alive,
just to hear you call me weak for trying.

good shit. 

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